We are the Russian-Swiss family, and we built a house of kelo-pine on the shores of a wonderful Karelian lake. Only one plot of land is left.

Would you like to be our neighbors?

Hello, we are Rene&Olga Muller, we are Russian-Swiss family. We built a super eco-friendly house of kelo-pine in the farm in the old village named Veshkelitsa (more details in our Instagram). Now we’re dreaming about a Swiss village – the place where like-minded people are enjoying silence of ages and beauty of the nature.

There is just one plot of land is left with an area of 23 hundreds square meters near the quiet forest lake Porrazjarvi. Join us now, we will help you to buy the land and build eco-friendly house of kelo-pine!

Karelian Venice – Veshkelitsa

We offer a plot of land in the farm of the Karelian village named Veshkelitsa. The farm is only 680 meters from a highway. So on the one hand it’s an isolated and quiet place located in the lake’s shore, on the other hand there is a large village with a developed infrastructure.

The old Karelian village Veshkelitsa is located in the hills near 12 lakes. To get from a farm to a farm people use boats. Doors are never locked here, no reason for it as there are no crimes.
In the village permanently live 600 people. There’re few stores around, a school and a kindergarten, a post of first-aid, a post office, a library and even a culture house! The villagers, among which over the half are the Karelians, are happy to study in the ethnocultural center “Veshkelyus”.     

Every summer during the Feast of Pentecost in Veshkelitsa a big fair takes place, the village welcomes guests: folk groups from all over Karelia. Mushrooms, berries, fish and local farm products are always in sale for everyone who wishes. 


from the farm to the Petrozavodsk-Suoyarvi highway, the road is good, even in winter it’s cleaned


to Petrozavodsk,

1 hour drive to the airport, 1 hour 20 minutes - to the railway station


a flight from Moscow to Petrozavodsk,
5 hours train ride from St. Petersburg


from Veshkilitsa to Syamozero and wonderful sandy beaches under the pine trees


from the farm to the borderline with Finland (Värtsilä checkpoint)

What we gonna do in our Swiss village

  • build a house of your dream of kelo-pine wood 

  • walk together through no-take forests and pick the most delicious mushrooms and berries

  • swim in the purest lake and savour the peace and quiet of the place

  • drink blooming sally with delicious Karelian honey

  • eat fresh and healthy food from the local farms

  • create  family traditions and build boats for the whole family

  • plant trees for future generations

  • explore rituals for your health and beauty 

  • join local holidays, sing and dance in a ring

 …just live and love, enjoy the moment

 here and now  

Why do we choose kelo-pine to build our house? 

Kelo – an arctic pine naturaly dried at its root. Natural drying gives silver grey texture and special insulating qualities. 

The main advantages of kelo-pine wood houses are environmental friendliness and the absence of dehydration shrinkage. 

Nontreated walls have better air exchange, that’s the reason why houses of kelo-pine always have an optimal level of humidity and oxygen balance.

Thanks to the rough surface air is cleared of dust. The houses are built of kelo-pine wood are the most environmentally friendly among wooden houses.

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