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Veshkelitsa, January 3, 2022

The holiday in the name of health and joy in the village of Veshkelitsa was a success!

We thank all the participants, organizers and sponsors: Mullers family, the Mama Karelia company, the LoveKarelia project, the Chaikins' and  Matveenko's families, Pavel Azmatov, and of course all the secret Santas for the gifts and organization of the holiday.

We distributed all 50 gifts from secret Santa and gifts from sponsors - Mama Karelia, LoveKarelia and toys from the Zaitsevs' family. All adults and children were fed with goodies from the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus: there were soups, sausages, and tea with karelian pies "kalitkas"...

We burned bonfires and candles, danced and had fun, squealed down the hil - in general, we had a lot of fun!


Thank you and we will continue the festivities ❤️❤️❤️

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